Posted by: Winnie of Teance | June 19, 2011

Extreme Stress

Produces great tea?

First, the bushes grow without fertilizer and pesticide. Then,  they grow on hot, bug filled jungle like fields. They are runty and not pretty, and the Leaf Hoppers eat the leaves, making the buds even uglier.  Then, they sit in a very sunny, very hot room to wilt, and then oxidized in even hotter temperatures.

The result? The ugly duckling grows up into an indescribably perfumey oolong called Taiwan Beauty.

Hand made from start to finish, and only small quantities can be made each year, nonetheless both production and demand are on the rise year after year, as Taiwan gets hotter and hotter, the season now stretches from June to November!  And the older  leaves that don’t qualify as Taiwan Beauty are made into Black tea, sold to China and the Chinese sell it as….Taiwan Beauty.



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