Posted by: Winnie of Teance | June 18, 2011

An Old Beauty

Ms Lin, the tea master who wins competitions every year in 3-4 categories at a time (as in, she wins first, second, third, and also runner up), joked that the older the Beauty, the better. She is an indeterminate age, looking somewhere between 28 and 58. Her knowledge and history of making this tea famously though, puts her probably in her early fifties. No one gets that good at any sort of early age.  We tasted her 1990s Taiwan Beauty, the original batch made over charcoal fire like the best of them do today. Sealed off almost completely from air, the Old Beauty has this sort of very pronounced sweet honey taste, really as if you have added honey, finishing in a strong fragrance of hinoki wood.

Ms Lin, teamaster

I have some Second place winner from the winter, and the Old Beauty with me to taste at the summer Harvest Party!




  1. What is the Old Beauty?

  2. Well this is just incredible Winnie! I love all your pictures—each one, including this one, makes me want to be there and hang with these people.

    • Well, as a matter of fact, we have a Teabuyer’s tour to Taiwan to all these farms coming up, we take 10-15 people at a time, at the end of Oct!

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